The Case of the Graduation Investigation

The Case of the Graduation Investigation

It was a hot humid June day at Ft Leonard Wood in Missouri. JT and his friends Linger, Jacobs and Smith just graduated from a grueling 9-week long boot camp. Now that they were graduates, they had access to the bars and restaurants on base. They found themselves in the air-conditioned Millers Ale House. JT wanted the others to try a Chicago favorite, Goose Island IPA. JT read on the back of the menu that there was a Millers Ale House in Downers Grove and texted his mom back in Lisle suggesting that her Delightful Dining group go there.

When the bartender Joe discovered they were recent graduates he said “Congratulations! Have one on me!”

JT and his friends had a great time celebrating their graduation. After indulging a bit, Zinger said “I think I need some fresh air.” He and JT went outside and were leaning against the back of the bar when Zinger exclaimed “What’s that?”

“It’s Joe the bartender and he has a knife stuck in his chest” JT shouted.

“Is he alive?”

“I don’t think so. Go and call the cops and get the guys” JT said taking command of the situation as any good Officer Candidate would.

The police arrived and took JT and Zinger’s statements. After they walked away from the crime scene, JT who wanted to become an MP said to the others “I bet we can find the killer.”

Zinger said “What makes you think we can find him?”

JT said “He is probably still on base. With all these people here for the graduation, it would be more suspicious if he tried to leave right after the stabbing.”

Jacobs said “You know a guy did bump into me just outside the bar and he had a big knife, like the one stuck in Joe, tucked in his belt. I didn’t think anything of it at the time but maybe he was the guy. I saw him again after the stabbing.”

“Which way did he go?”

“Toward the PX.”

JT said “Come on let’s go see if we can find him.”

The group of investigators headed for the PX. The coolness of the air conditioning had them all pause for a moment to enjoy. Jacobs described who they were looking for “a big white guy with a five o’clock shadow. He is wearing a blue short sleeve shirt unbuttoned over a T-shirt. ”

JT said “That’s great detail you’ll make a good MP. Let’s spread out and see if we spot him. Text if you see him.”

They split up and started going up and down the aisles. Zinger decided it would be a good idea to search the counter selling smoothies. He walked away with a strawberry banana smoothie but no one that looked like the killer.

JT checked the chip aisle. There was a man matching Jacobs description. He texted the others “Aisle 15 – hurry!”

The guys blocked the ends of the chip aisle and JT moved in next to the suspect.

“We saw what you did to the bartender” JT lied.

The man in the blue shirt looked around for a quick exit. Seeing it blocked he turned back to JT. He took a swing at JT. The newly minted soldier was able to subdue him quickly. Jacobs went for security while JT and the others held him. JT asked him “Why did you do it?”

The man shook his head. “He testified against my grandfather back in NY on racketeering charges. I was here making a beer delivery and there he was! I lost my head and took out my knife and just started stabbing at him. I am so sorry.”

The police arrived and took the man into custody. JT and his friends decided they would certainly remember this graduation day.