dinner table
Chapter 1 – David and Bonnie opened Delightful Dining in 1998.  It was geared toward matchmaking. 

Chapter 2 – Brooke took over Delightful Dining in 2001. Over the next 10 years  the focus moved from matchmaking to enjoying dinner with friends.  Brooke created an environment where people can have fun if they choose to.  She didn’t guarantee that you would have a flourishing social life, just a Delightful dinner at a Delightful restaurant with Delightful dinner companions!  

Chapter 3 – Our core mission is seeking out good restaurants in the Western Suburbs of Chicago once per month on Saturday night.  After a successful first year, Delightful Dining began experimenting with DD Extra.  These are restaurants that are either geographically a bit further away, a lunchtime experience or more unique cuisines.

In 2018, Cathy took the reins.  She continues the path Brooke laid down.  We enjoy restaurants primarily in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.   Delightful Dining is a dining club for single professionals!  That’s it – it’s that simple.  We like to go out to dinner, try new restaurants together, meet new friends, relax, and enjoy the company of other singles.   Please come and join us.  Make a reservation and give it a try!